Meet the Founder

Susanne Jasper—made in Croatia, born in Slovakia, raised in Germany, and transplanted to the USA—is the founder and owner of A Pond Apart. It was probably the experiences of her Slovak-German bilingual and bicultural upbringing that sparked her fascination with cultures. Since her early teens she has been on a quest for an answer to the question: In which ways are people the same all over the world because we’re human and in which ways are we different because of our different cultures?

At seventeen, she set out to experience life in the U.S. for a year as an exchange student and later completed internships in the U.S. as well—amazing and formative experiences that prepared her well for the future: After graduating from law school and during her legal clerkship in Frankfurt, Germany, she met her husband, an American with Trinidadian heritage, at a local sushi restaurant. They got married not long after, and she moved to the U.S. with him in 2005.

Influenced and shaped by different cultures—the German und Slovak on one hand, the American and Trinidadian on the other—things with Susanne and her husband have been diverse in a quite colorful way. And that’s a good thing, they feel.

After several years each in Arizona and New Jersey, they now live in Texas and are raising their two boys to be bilingual and multicultural.