A Pond Apart isn’t a translation agency and offers four benefits that a translation agency doesn‘t.

Guaranteed quality

While translation agencies tout qualified translators, you don’t know who processes your translation. You have direct contact only with the translation agency, not with the translator herself. Few agencies actually hire and test their translators based on stringent standards. The quality of your text is a matter of luck.

A Pond Apart benefit: You can verify my qualifications. I’m certified by the American Translators Association (ATA), provide recommendations from happy customers, and complete a test translation for you upon request. The quality of your text is guaranteed.


If you hire a translation agency, typically not the same translator will complete your translations. As a result, the respective translator isn’t familiar with your unique corporate language. Recurring terms and phrases aren’t translated consistently.

A Pond Apart benefit: If we work together repeatedly or over the long term, I’ll become familiar with your unique corporate language. I’ll know recurring terms and phrases and will translate them consistently.

Easy communication

A translation agency is a middleman who communicates with you on one end and with the translator on the other end. Your translator can’t contact you directly with questions or comments about your text. Vice versa, any pertinent information from your end gets to the translator via the middleman. Whether or not information and questions are relayed accurately or at all isn’t certain. The communication isn’t efficient.

A Pond Apart benefit: We communicate directly with each other—a reliable and efficient dialogue.

Personal commitment

If you enlist an agency, the translator works with you neither directly nor over the long term—you’re an anonymous end client. The translator has no interest in or possibility of contributing to your continued success.

In addition, the translator receives only part of your payment. Oftentimes, the agency will assign your project to the freelancer who offers the lowest rate, ensuring the agency makes the biggest possible profit. The translator has to take as little time as possible for projects to make a profitable income—not a fair return on your investment.

A Pond Apart benefit: Because you’re my direct client, I’m personally committed to your success. I tailor my services flexibly and offer added value with helpful information or recommendations beyond the direct scope of a project. Because we cut out the middleman, I receive fair compensation and invest the time that your project deserves—you get an excellent return on your investment.