Expat—successful abroad

I assist expats from the German-speaking region with settling into the Dallas metroplex. Why is this key for a successful assignment?

Successful foreign assignment

A foreign assignment is an excellent opportunity for both professional and personal growth. But it also comes with considerable challenges.

After arriving at his destination, the assignee has to settle into his new environment. In many aspects, everyday life is different from that in the expat’s home country. Oftentimes, the expat doesn’t have much time after arriving and before starting his assignment. These circumstances present a significant stressor for the expat and his family.

No wonder that every year a large number of foreign assignments are ended prematurely. One of the most common reasons is that the assignee’s spouse or children aren’t able to adapt to the new environment, life, and culture.

Numerous studies prove that the comprehensive, competent support of the expat and his family at the new location significantly increases the success of a foreign assignment.

Assistance with settling in

An important part of relocation services is the settling-in service—the hands-on assistance for the expat assignee and her family with settling in at the foreign location. The service provider on site should be at home in the local area and culture. Equally important—she should know life and culture in the expat’s home country and have personal experience with relocating to another country.

I offer expats and their families from the German-speaking region who relocate to the Dallas metroplex comprehensive support on site. For every expat, I design an individualized service plan based on the

expat’s needs and discuss any questions or concerns beforehand.

While I work with an assignee, I’m available upon request during the day, in the evenings, and on the weekends to answer questions and provide assistance in person or by phone.

Familiar both with the challenges of relocating to the U.S. and with the numerous cultural differences between Germany and America, it’s my heartfelt wish to help improve the experience of a new beginning for German expats.