Which language variants does A Pond Apart offer?

English: American English

Colour or color? Lorry or truck? Mr or Mr.?

All of these words are correct. But not in the same text. Within one text, either British English or American English should be used consistently in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. Companies should decide on one language variant as their corporate language and stick to this variant in all corporate communications.

A good translator is familiar with life and culture of both the source

and target language. Despite some commonalities, the different English-speaking countries also vary in many aspects.

Your translator—no matter if she translates from English or into English—should be familiar with the country, people, and life of the respective English variant.

After 17 years in the U.S., I specialize in American English and American culture.

German: Federal German

Even though I’m familiar with many words and grammatical peculiarities from other German-speaking countries, I stick

with what I master: Federal German.