Expat Relocation—Settling-in Services

I offer comprehensive personal care for expats from the German-speaking region in Dallas and the surrounding area. Unlike many large relocation companies, I design an individualized, needs-based service plan for each expat.

Support with settling in

Adapting to a new environment and culture is one of the biggest challenges of a foreign assignment. In many aspects, everyday life and society work differently abroad than at home.

Numerous studies prove that competent, local support for expats and their families significantly contributes to the success of a foreign assignment.

Assistance for expats from the German-speaking region in the Dallas metroplex with:

  • Choosing the ideal residence—town, house or apartment/condo, purchase or lease
  • Hiring a good real estate agent as well as viewing apartments or houses and completing the formalities
  • Choosing and signing up with utility providers
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Buying a car
  • Selecting the ideal schools for the kids. Help with the enrollment process and information about the American school system, policies, routines, etc.
  • Agencies such as the DMV and Social Security Office
  • Choosing healthcare providers (physicians, dentists) and information about the American healthcare system
  • An area tour to become familiar with the most important providers for everyday needs such as grocery and other stores, gas stations, restaurants, physicians‘ offices, etc.