I expertly localize your text, making it relevant and effective for the respective market. The information and message of the original are translated as literally as possible. When and where necessary, I adapt the content so that it is suited for your target audience.

How many grams are in an ounce?

Units of measurement and currency vary around the world. In a text, they should always be converted for the respective target group.

Just like most Americans don’t know grams and Celsius, Germans don’t have a grasp on ounces and Fahrenheit.

Shot yourself in the foot?

The same goes for expressions, sayings, and analogies. Germans don’t “shoot themselves in the foot” and will therefore not understand this expression if translated literally.

“Cut your own flesh”—”sich ins eigene Fleisch schneiden”—is the German equivalent.

Concise or detailed?

Because people think differently in other cultures, they may give certain information more or less importance.

As a result, information may need to be added or omitted in your text, depending on your audience.

Looks matter

Sometimes not only text but visuals too need to be localized.

In marketing texts and ads, colors, pictures, and graphics may need to be adapted to the local culture.