Proofreading & Editing

I proofread your German or English text and correct all spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Upon request, I‘ll improve style as well.

Space after ellipses?

Styleguide or style guide? Or style-guide? It’s not a secret: English is no joke. And German isn’t either. Whether en-dashes and em-dashes, hyphenation, capitalization or the proper use of commas—things can get tricky, even for an experienced writer. If you proofread your own text, you can easily overlook a typo here or a missing comma there—you know your text, and the brain sees what it wants to see. Hence, professional proofreading is always a good idea when quality matters.

Oh, by the way—you’ll want to place a space before, after and—optionally—in between the three dots that make up ellipses. But only in English, not in German. (In German, there are never spaces between the dots.) And “Styleguide” is the common German spelling. In English, it’s “style guide.”

Wooden wood

“I responded back to him.” A phenomenon which one of my teachers referred to as “wooden wood”—the prefix “re” is derived from Latin and means “back” (or “again”).

Adding the word “back” makes it . . . well, wooden wood. Upon request, I’ll review your text for wooden wood, repetitions, run-on sentences, plausibility—in short, for good style.