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    At home in the German and American culture and language,
    I build bridges across the pond—so that you go over well.

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Professional, accurate translations from American English into German and vice versa. Certified by the American Translators Association.


Effective adaptation of your text for German and American target groups.


Creative rewording of your marketing message or redesign of your marketing campaign for the German or American market.

Content Writing

Compelling texts for different target groups and media in English and German.

Glossary & Style Guide

Creation of corporate glossary and style guide in German and English.

Proofreading & Editing

Thorough review of your German or English text. Upon request, comprehensive editing with stylistic improvement.

Expat Relocation

Individualized and personal care for German expats in Dallas and surrounding area.

Welcome to my website!

I’m Susanne Jasper, the founder of A Pond Apart. Maybe you’re here because you need an English text in German or vice versa. Or a German employee has been assigned to your office in Dallas. You’ve come to the right place! As a German in the U.S., I’m at home in both languages and countries—I don’t just translate words, I also translate culture. And I assist German-speaking expats and their families who relocate to the Dallas metroplex with settling in.

A Pond Apart is neither a translation agency nor a large relocation company. The difference is: I don’t work with accounts, I work with people—without a pricey middleman. I love what I do, and you benefit—from my personal commitment as entrepreneur; from my passion for language and culture; and from my diverse wealth of experience with the corporate world.

Whether you need an article translated, an advertisement transcreated, or local assistance with your relocation—I work with you personally and deliver quality results.

Let’s talk!

A Pond Apart Offers 4 Benefits

That Translation Agencies Don’t

Guaranteed Quality


Easy Communication

Personal Commitment

Our clients often have copy with puns or that use a play on words, and Susanne expertly works with the text to deliver an alternative for a German local audience. Our clients are always thrilled with Susanne’s work and she has never delivered a single project past its deadline. We have come to rely on Susanne for our target German marketing translation and transcreation needs.

Athena PapanicolaouMilla and CoNYC

Susanne translates from German to English and vice versa. But she doesn’t only translate, she also edits and reviews plausability as well as style. Very valuable for anyone who appreciates quality.

Dr. Georg OehmMellinckrodtGermany

As a multilingual agency we always look for more than just grammatically correct translations but for those that are a pleasure to read. When we found Susanne at A Pond Apart, we stopped looking any further and are very grateful to Susanne.

Maxime BuyakovProftranFrance

Susanne is very thorough, prompt, and professional, and her translations are top-notch. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a professional translator!

Mary LanglinaisTexan TranslationAustin
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